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Your dollars will help change our communities by providing instructional services to adults and families throughout Jefferson County to improve literacy.  

Our vision is to help learners defeat literacy challenges and overcome the barriers to becoming more literate, confident and engaged to the best of their ability in their homes, communities and places of work.

We are always looking for new volunteer tutors to share their time and to experience the joy of teaching and 

learning with us!

Success Stories 
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The Literacy Council is beyond thrilled to announce that Eloisa Garcia earned her High School Credential after 5 years of hard work with the help of JCLC staff and volunteers. Eloisa successfully passed all of her GED tests in 2018 with the exception of math. She continued to study math with JCLC volunteer tutors and paid instructors for the next 3 years. Eloisa took the GED Math test and finally passed in July of 2021.

Congratulations Eloisa!


In what year was the U.S. Constitution written? Who wrote the Federalist Papers?  If these questions seem challenging, imagine answering them in a language that is not your native one. 


Welcome to the world of U.S. Citizenship test preparation! Tackling these questions and developing general reading, writing, and speaking skills keeps tutors and learners on their toes. As a volunteer at the Jefferson County Literacy Council, our featured tutor Pat Giese has been guiding students through the special process of becoming U.S. citizens since 2010.

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For 20 years, Jefferson County Literacy Council (JCLC) has served community members who want to improve their reading, writing, math, and job skills.  JCLC delivers adult education, English as a Second Language, GED preparation in both English and Spanish, U.S. Citizenship, and jail literacy programs across eight different communities without interconnecting transportation.  JCLC has a history of rising to meet challenges. 
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Safety School Program

Peter Weeks is our first graduate of the OSHA-10 Safety Training Program.  The class is provided by the WI Safety Council and facilitated by one of tutors, John Gengler.  Peter earned 1 CEU and a certificate that he can use for employment or apprenticeship / post-secondary occupational training.


Many thanks to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department for their assistance implementing this program.

Weeks, Peter - OSHA-10 graduation with S
​We        our volunteers!

The Jefferson County Literacy Council is proud to say that volunteer tutors are the heart of our organization! In FY 2019/20 we served a total of 200 individuals throughout the county, helping them learn English, gain computer skills, improve basic reading, writing and computation skills, as well as prepare for the GED test. With our small staff of part-time office support and instructors, and a delivery service range of eight cities within the county, we rely heavily on volunteers to help us carry out our mission of strengthening communities through literacy. 


Click below to complete our volunteer tutor application form to confirm your interest. We look forward to hearing from you!

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