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LITERACY is the strongest predictor of individual health status,

more than age, education or ethnicity.


Literacy Fast Facts

  • Wisconsin health providers lose $3.4 billion annually due to health literacy problems.
  • Adults with low health literacy get fewer diagnostic tests, receive vaccines less often, are less likely to take their children to well child visits and get fewer dental check-ups for themselves and their children.
  • Less emphasis is placed on prevention and management of chronic diseases by primary care physicians as opposed to using emergency rooms for health care.

About JCLC

The Jefferson County Literacy Council (JCLC) is a local non-profit organization devoted to improving the literacy skills of adults to build stronger families and communities. JCLC serves nearly 300 individuals per year throughout eight communities and in the Jefferson County jail.


EVERYONE benefits from reducing the overall costs of health care

The Jefferson County Literacy Council (JCLC) delivers adult and family literacy services through small classes and one-on-one tutoring.

Our programs include:


During FY 2016/17, JCLC served 165 adults in community-based programs and 116 in the jail. Another 300 families benefited from collaborative efforts to improve dental care.

Of the 281 learners served:

37 advanced two or more reading grade levels

36 started GED testing

6 earned high school diplomas

9 became U.S. citizens

6 entered post-secondary education

16 completed basic computer skills training

94 obtained, retained, or upgraded employment

Every donation makes a difference:

$10 buys a dental guide for new parents and families, “How to Have Healthy Teeth”
$20 purchases a bilingual children’s story book to support early reading initiatives
$35 buys a “Ventures” textbook for one English Language Learner
$50 buys national curriculum used to prepare learners to pass the U.S. Citizenship exam
$100 purchases GED preparation textbooks in English or Spanish
$250 sponsors a health literacy workshop like “Introduction to Pain Medications”
$500 purchases standardized assessments to measure learner progress
$1,000 buys a computer to teach digital literacy in the JCLC classroom

With your contribution, services are provided at little to no cost through the generosity of donors like you. Thank you for your donation!

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