Teaching Resources Online

Tutors with access to the internet may be interested in some of these resources to augment their tutoring experience.  These resources are free – there are many more that have a subscription or per-use cost. 


Many of our learners do not have computer experience.  Please be cautious about just giving this type of resource to them and expect they will be familiar with getting connected and advancing through the content.  Begin by using it with them and gauging their comfort level and experience.


Resources for Tutors

Making Sense of Decoding and Spelling: An Adult Reading Course of Study is a free packet-based adult course that covers phonics, syllabification and word patterns designed to help learners decode and spell words accurately and fluently (https://lincs.ed.gov/publications/making_sense)


www.readtheory.org  is a free site with reading exercises for all levels of readers with questions.  Students can answer questions on-line, or you can print the exercises with questions for use during tutoring sessions.


www.usingenglish.com contains dozens of free English grammar and vocabulary worksheets and printable handouts for ELL instructors to use. You can register for free and gain access to 200+ additional handouts.


www.englishforeveryone.org has free exercises in English reading and grammar


www.timesinplainenglish.com is a free website the contains hundreds of news articles written in basic English


www.newsela.com is a free website that allows users to adjust the difficult of the news article they select on a scale of 1-12

http://www.cambridge.org/ventures/resources/ is a site affiliated with the Ventures series and provides additional worksheets and differentiated activities for ESL.

ESL Learner Practice Sites


www.usalearns.org is a well-organized free site with English lessons for all levels of ESL.  If your students do not get much exposure to English when away from tutoring, they may want to take the free courses here.  They can hear, speak, read, spell, and practice their English at no cost.


http://www.cambridge.org/venturesarcade is a site with games and activities tied to the Ventures ESL curriculum series.  The activities focus on basic computer skill development and practice with vocabulary and grammar




U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Resource Center This website contains information for applicants and teachers about the citizenship process as well as fully developed lesson plans and .pdf workbooks for beginning and advanced ESL learners. https://www.uscis.gov/citizenship

Continuing Education for Tutors

Feel like you need more?  Proliteracy Education Network is a Free Literacy Volunteer training program. The courses available here will train you in more specific aspects of adult education including GED prep, ESL and citizenship http://proliteracyednet.org/