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Resources for new tutors

Congratulations!  You have decided to begin an incredible journey of volunteerism with our organization.  It is our hope that this experience is satisfying and rewarding for you and that we are able to provide you with all the resources necessary to be successful in your volunteer assignment.  Adequate training is an important part of being an adult literacy tutor and our goal is to provide on-going support throughout the volunteer experience.

Here is a brief outline and explanation of the Jefferson County Literacy Council tutor training experience.

Tutor Training Outline:

1. Orientation (1 hour) - The orientation portion of the tutor training is a one hour meeting at the Jefferson County Literacy Council office with one of our staff members.  In this orientation session you will learn about some of our organization's policies and information about our staff and office. We will also take this time to get to know your background and your goals as a volunteer.

2. Just in Time Tutor Training Prezi (1-1.5 hours) - This is a self-paced tutor training module developed by former Wisconsin Literacy Regional Literacy Consultant, Margarete Cook.  This presentation will go over the basics of adult learning theory, goal setting, lesson planning, learning styles and teaching strategies.  To begin the Just in Time Tutor Training, click the movie application below.  For technical support, please contact or call 920-675-0500.

3. Tutor training session (4 hours) - During our training session, you will have the opportunity to meet our staff, tour our office and classrooms and discuss in more detail the concepts introduced in the Just in Time Tutor Training prezi.  Our staff will also share more information about individuals engaged in adult basic education programming and outline our assessment and reporting procedures as they relate to tutor responsibilities.  During this time you will also be able to browse through our resource library, ask questions and schedule a time to come observe a class.  Tutor training sessions are offered three times a year in spring, early and late fall on Saturday mornings.  For a complete list of upcoming dates, see the "volunteers" page

4. Observations (2-4 hours) - To complete your initial volunteer tutor training with JCLC, we ask that you attend one or two classes to observe current volunteers or staff members working with learners.  This final responsibility will show you exactly what to expect during your first meeting.

5. Continuing Education (optional) - Need more?  Is your learner working toward their GED or citizenship?  If so, additional training is available for you to learn more about how to help your learner meet their goals.  JCLC can provide you with all of the necessary materials but there are also a number of online training modules available through the ProLiteracy Education Network. You can click the link below to go to the site, create an account and browse the professional development opportunities available there. Click here for written directions on how to navigate this site. Click here for a video that demonstrates how to navigate the ProLiteracy site.

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